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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science


The Department of computer science was established in 1998, a premier and active institute importing quality education in the field of computer science. Over the years the department has largely contributed to the field of computer science/ Information technology has earned the reputation of being a center of excellence in computer science education and training. Every year it produces computer professionals keeping in mind the requirements of the dynamic of highly global nvironmnet of the present era.Presently, the department consist of dedicated faculty and supporting staff. There are 10-Qualified Faculty, 4-Efficient Programmers,4-office staff.




M.C.A ( 3 Years ), B.C.A ( 3 Years ), B.Sc(Computer Science)( 3 Years ).


The Department has been offering the 3 year B.C.A degree course since 1998. This course is well received and all the students are foreign students. The countries of their origin being Afghanistan, Bahrain, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Maldives, Nepal, Oman, SaudiArabia,Somalia,Sudan,Turkey,UAE,Uganda, Yemen.


The department has been encouraging its students to participate in IT related Quiz programmes, live projects and workshops conducted by various leading IT companies apart from regular academics, which enables students to enrich there knowledge in tune with requirements.




Since its inseption in 1998, the department has been consistantly evolving and is today widely acknowledege as one of the leading IT educational institutionals in Osmania University, the status being the result of consious efforts from the beginning to achieve excellence in all spheres of its activity.


Combining high academic credentials with rich practical experience, it has over the years manage to forge a strong presence in the IT industry. It has been the consistant endeavour of the departnment to adapt itself an its programmes to minor the requirements of the constantly evolving IT environment in india and abroad.


Many of the students have been placed in reputed organizations like infosys, satyam, ibm, pramati technologies, semantic space, keen, genpact, cts, kenexa, convergys, mastek, Reliance infocomm etc.....




The Department has a well-furnished computer lab with a network of 100 computers.The lab is equipped with 12 Mbps leased-line Internet Connection.There is a special library for all the computer courses with a good collection of latest books whose access is provided for every student.


The department has acquired authorised versions of microsoft development network universal eddition which houses entire software packages released from M.S corp. In the process of improving infraustructure facilities, a new building has been constructed exclusively for department of computer science.


Guest Lectures are arranged for most important and select topics with first hand infomation on latest academy developments from acknowledge authorities choosen from the academia and industry.


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Incharge Head






Faculty Profile
Name of the Faculty
Research interests / Specialization
1 Mrs.P.HimaBindu
Assistant Professor ( C ) Operations Research,Discrete Mathematics, Probability & Statistics,C,Design & Analysis of Algorithms,E-Commerce,Data Analysis.
2 Mr.G.Madhumohan lal
Assistant Professor ( C ) Operating Systems,UNIX Network Programming, Advanced UNIX Programming, Web Technologies, OOSD.
3 Mrs.Ch.Gnaneshwari
Assistant Professor ( C )

DBMS, Core Java, Datamining& Ware Housing,MIS.

4 Mrs. K.Jayasudha
Assistant Professor ( C ) C++,J2EE Technologies/OOSD & UML
5 Mrs.R.Swapna Reddy
Assistant Professor ( C ) Testing Techniques/Web Technologies, Software Engineering.
6 Mr.Raju Chityala
Assistant Professor ( C ) C/C++, DS, Java & DBMS.
7 Mrs.B.Neeraja
Assistant Professor ( C ) Mobile Communication, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, EIT,OOSD,Data Communication Networks,Interactive Computer Graphics,Web Programming.
8 Mr.T. Aravind
Assistant Professor ( C ) UNIX Administration,Unix Programming,Operating System,IT-Hardware,Internet Protocols,Artificial Intelligence,Software Engineering,FIT.
9 Mr Satyam Arrogokula
Assistant Professor ( C ) Data Structures, Computer Networks,DBMS & MWT
10 Mrs.K.Archana   Assistant Professor ( C ) FIT,CO
Programmers Profile
S.No Name of the Programmer  
1   Programmer / Sys Admin
Programmer / Sys Admin



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