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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry was established as one of the central departments of the college in 1951 offering courses in undergraduate Chemistry. In the year 1984 it was upgraded as Post-Graduate Department. Chemistry is offered at B.Sc. level with the combinations: MPC,BZC,BTBC and BTZC. It also offers M.Sc courses with specializations; organic chemistry and physical organic chemistry.


The Department is one of the leading Educational Research Centres in the twin cities. It has been awarded with a few minor and major research projects by various research funding agencies/organizations including U.G.C. and D.S.T. Almost all the staff members are directly involved in both research and teaching at the U.G. and P.G. levels. The Department is training Post-Graduate students in Organic and Physical Organic Chemistry incorporating latest developments in all the areas of Chemistry including the present thrust area of Drug Chemistry.


The class-room teaching and laboratory training are meticulously planned and executed by the devoted and expert faculty of the Department. With the financial support of DST, the department has strengthened the laboratory infrastructure facilities by incorporating modern practical techniques to enhance the experimental skills of the students. Networking facilities have been created where M.Sc. students and research scholars have access to computers as well as internet facilities.


The major thrust areas of research ongoing in the Department include Synthesis and Biological activity studies of heterocyclic compounds. Some of the pyrazolopyrimidines are found to be potent and selective inhibitors of cyclic guanosine-3’-5’- monophosphate.


Metal ion interactions with biologically important molecules viz., nucleosides and nucleotides etc. and their thermodynamic stabilities are undertaken by some of the faculty members. Synthesis and structural studies of transition metal complexes derived from biologically relevant and physiologically active macro cyclic ligands is another active thrust area of the department.


Oxidation of biologically relevant compounds have been studied by various oxidants like periodate, Ru(III), Os (VIII), Cr (VI) and Mn(VI) and kinetic techniques have been utilized to understand the mechanism of oxidations. Mimicking of direct effect of ionizing radiation on DNA constituents using highly electrophilic radicals is one of the important thrust areas and the Department has made a good beginning in the direction of such studies.


The reaction of alkoxyl radicals with the nucleic acid constituents is another thrust area. In the direction of understanding the influence of natural anti-oxidants on oxidative stress, the research work on in vivo studies with some natural antioxidants is in progress. To understand the peroxides influence on DNA constituents, alkoxyl radicals reactions with various nucleic acid bases, nucleosides have been carried out.


Kinetics and mechanistic aspects of redox initiated vinyl polymerization and dye sensitized photo polymerization is another active research area of the faculty members.


A national conference was conducted during 17-18 March 2006 in Current Research Trends & Developments in Heterocyclic Chemistry. Research scholars, students, scientists, faculty members from various institutions and universities from all over India attended the conference and it was a grand success. The deliberations enlightened, motivated and inspired the young research scholars and M.Sc. students. During the academic year 2008-2009 fourteen of our students have been awarded Junior Research Fellowships by the C.S.I.R.


Many leading pharmaceutical industries visit the department for campus placements and many of our students are well placed.



Dr.R.Koteswara Rao


Incharge Head




Faculty Profile
Name of the Teacher
Research interests/Specialization
1 Dr.Y.Jayaprakash Rao   Associate Professor  
2 Dr.V.Gopal Reddy   Assistant Professor Heterocyclic Chemistry.
3 Dr.V.Jagadeswar   Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry
4 Dr.P.Sunitha Manjari   Assistant Professor Physical Chemistry.
5 Dr.R.Koteswar Rao
Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry
6 Dr.N.Navaneetha
Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry.
7 Dr.M.Vasavi
Assistant Professor Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modeling.
8 Dr.S.Aravind   Assistant Professor  
9 Ms.P.Kalyani   Assistant Professor ( C )  
10 Dr.
Assistant Professor ( C ) -
11 Dr.
Assistant Professor ( C ) -
12 Dr.A.Padmaja
Assistant Professor ( C )  
13 Dr.
Assistant Professor ( C )  
14 Dr.P.Nirmala Jyothi
Assistant Professor ( C )  
15 Dr.P.Uma
Assistant Professor ( C )  
16 Dr.
Assistant Professor ( C )  




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